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New Energy Applications

Humanity needs energy not only for our needs and luxuries but for our very existence. However the reckless usage of readily available fossil fuels has threatened the very existence of the living world as we know it. Today the world is facing unprecedented climate changes alongwith the killing abuse of our oceans and forests through heat waves, melting ice caps, floods and draughts. We desperately need to find ways to harness the visible alternate energies and reduce the usage of fossil fuel as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Therefore at JRK we believe in working with clean and sustainable energies, supporting the ecosystem, conservation of resources through innovation and fresh ideas and working on ‘out of the box smart solutions’ for the requirements of humanity.
Renewable and Sustainable energies including their storage and availability at the point of application are also big opportunities for the future. Electric Vehicles and Solar Energy are two areas already affecting humanity and the earth positively. They remain areas of focus for JRK.

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