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Nutrition and Health Care

As the world struggles with unexplained health concerns, incurable diseases and contamination of nutrients for humans as well as the entire living world, the burning issue is…Can this catastrophe be reversed? Considering that the pharmaceutical industries themselves are a part of the problem rather than solution, it is clear that the simplest way to saving mother earth and her living souls is to eat simple, natural and sustainable.

Consuming Organic food with nutrition intact is not only making sense but also keeping people healthier. Going Vegan is another way to health which also helps tremendously in conservation of essential resources on earth. Another factor affecting sustenance but relating to nutrition is the issue of over fishing in our Oceans and Seas. Sourcing of fish grade protein from vegetarian sources as well as essential nutrients like DHA type Omega 3 Fatty Acid is possible now and remains a key focus area for JRK.

Sourcing pure and chemical free ingredients from small and honest farmers is a key focus area for JRK. In India, there are a number of forest produce which are naturally organic and do not form a part of agriculture. These traditional gifts of nature are pure and priceless. All such ingredients are then assimilated into foods, nutrients, healthcare and beauty supplements for consumption by a niche and distinguished clientele. We believe in Be Good, Eat Good, Help resuscitate the Good Earth!

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